Thursday, October 17, 2013

I walked this trail

Dew from dark cloud sky

Tickled my wet eyes

I felt safe on my lit trail

But I looked behind anyways

I didn't want to lose it all 


Walked this trail alone

Plant, tree,

Snails beneath feet

Peaceful sensations

Cool drips across my temple

Abnormal sounds ring my ears 

From a device

All this was perceived as contentment

Yet I know

You're a peaceless silence

You're a desolate wasteland

All traces of my midnight walk

All memories of the things I've done

All things I love

All traces gone

Once, in an age long past

And, in an age to come

All traces gone

No me, love, eyes, peace

There, only dust blows on the wind swept plains

No eyes to see it, ever again

This isn't real

Just a lapse of judgement by an indifferent non-master

Just a crushing, futile burden to fall flat beneath

I saw the skunk, intent on digging the cool night earth, just off my trail

I announced myself clearly by clicking my name:




I decided on our mutual indifference

I decided to walk on by

But it disagreed; it noticed me

Tail raised as I walked on by

I don't think my pace quickened on by

Came towards me

I quickly shuffled along on by

Looking small and unassuming on by

Was my pace any quicker?

It kept on a comin'

Into the forest trail I went on by

And I couldn't see it anymore

And my thoughts said a skunk ain't gonna pursue you dude

But I kept lookin' behind anyways

And my pace was under strict control