Friday, May 22, 2015

A contrast

A contrast
Between a garbage landscape
cars and shops

garbage on the ground.
And a cerulean sky
littered with nimbus
dark grey-blue and rose
golden-rose highlights across those clouds
and a horizon that told me
"I've always been here"

A raindrop crashed upon my screen.
A contrast
Between the still living, soon dead
a short plant I picked from the ground
on a whim I picked it
just to feel
the soft green tendrils across my leathery fingers
and my calloused palms.
And the bright, almost lime-green, supple leaves
on branches high up
so out of reach

I reached, but no finger touched.

A contrast, but you've known how it goes now
Between a slug
crawling so slow across a grey gravel road
towards some signal it senses across a distance
or maybe randomly meandering
I know this from previous instance
it finds dead prey
"rasp! rasp! goes my tongue,"
it says.
And a dead slug
crushed against the sole of my foot
whether it felt anguish
a question that was never asked in the whole universe

Nobody knows it.

A contrast
Between a dark cave
no sun, just screen
and a husk that flees from thought
no such thing as a soul
yet, hark! the truth
deterministic materialism
self as illusion
will non-existence sweep over,
or am I doomed to eternity in this 'nother lonely night?
a bright blue sky
contrasting a near endless expanse
where I wanted to play

But I'm stuck.

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